We Are Moving!

As of March 28, 2017, we are officially moving to Waco, TX!!  This was one of our engagement pictures. Who knew this picture would foreshadow our future?
Over Spring Break, Andrew and I traveled to Waco for job interviews and to look around our potential future home. The interviews went well and we were just waiting to hear back. On March 28th, Andrew got a job offer from a dentist in Waco (Fusion Dental) and on March 31st I got a job offer from the NICU at Baylor Scott and White Hillcrest! We could not be more excited about it! This whole journey has been completely orchestrated by God. Every single step in the process so far is so unbelievable that we know that there is no way that this could have happened except through God.
It has been a weird journey so far in dental school. We had four years to decide where we could possibly live after school. Up until this year we have had our location decided by school, so this is our first year to decide on our own where we will be living. W…

Our New Nephew, Kyler

Our sweet nephew, Kyler, was born on March 24, 2017 at 4:35 pm and was 7 pounds 1 ounce!

 So cuddly!
 Look at all of that blonde hair!
 Uncle Andrew and his boy!  My turn to hold sweet Ky!  Such a good big sister!  This won't be his last kiss from Kennedy!
Kyler's going home outfit from us!  Kyler on the left and Kennedy on the right! They look the same!  Kennedy on top and Kyler on bottom! 
We are so in love our sweet nephew! We can't wait to watch him grow up into a sweet Godly man! We love you Kyler! 
And here are a few pictures of our aunt and uncle duties with kennedy while Kyler was being born!  Kennedy wanted a tattoo like uncle Andrew!

 Heading to Chuck E Cheese with our girl! <

New Year's Goals

I'm not much of a resolutions person because of the inevitable failure rate, but this year I have decided to make some new years goals. 2017 is going to be a year of firsts and lasts for the Chaney family! We will have Andrew's last day of dental school, our last day in this apartment (hopefully last apartment ever), last dental licensing exam, and Andrew's first day as a dentist! In this new exciting year (which I am committed to making this our best year yet), I have made some goals for myself to truly make this our best year! 
Goal #1: Never walk away from an argument until it is resolved
My instinct is to walk away and distance myself when I am upset, but this year I am committed to staying in the conversation and resolving the issue right then and there. This will truly be very difficult for me, but I believe this will help our marriage immensely. 

Goal #2: Go on weekly date nights
We used to do this back when we were in undergrad and I believe this is so very importan…