Wednesday, January 11, 2017

New Year's Goals

I'm not much of a resolutions person because of the inevitable failure rate, but this year I have decided to make some new years goals. 2017 is going to be a year of firsts and lasts for the Chaney family! We will have Andrew's last day of dental school, our last day in this apartment (hopefully last apartment ever), last dental licensing exam, and Andrew's first day as a dentist! In this new exciting year (which I am committed to making this our best year yet), I have made some goals for myself to truly make this our best year! 

Goal #1: Never walk away from an argument until it is resolved

My instinct is to walk away and distance myself when I am upset, but this year I am committed to staying in the conversation and resolving the issue right then and there. This will truly be very difficult for me, but I believe this will help our marriage immensely. 

Goal #2: Go on weekly date nights

We used to do this back when we were in undergrad and I believe this is so very important in a marriage. I know that this will become way more difficult when we start having children, so I want to make this a priority now. If you all have ideas on date nights, please let us know! We want to try out a bunch of different things to make them more fun! 

Goal #3: Get healthy

I have starting my year on the right foot already by going to doctors appointments. I have not been to a doctor while we have been in San Antonio (4 years!), and after a couple of doctors appointments this year, I have found out that I have hypertension! Sad day! Now that my husband and I both have hypertension, we will start getting a handle on it and become healthier together! Becoming healthier means that we will be exercising more and eating a little bit healthier. I don't want to put goals on this that I know I won't keep, but I know that we will get healthier! 

Linking up with Shay and Erika for Workin' It Wednesday. Go to their blogs to read about their goals for the new year! 

Here's to a great year! 2017 is going to be the best year! I can't wait to bring y'all along through our journey of our last semester of Dental school! We are so close and we are committed to making this a great year! 

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Life Lately

With less than four months until Andrew's last day of class ever, I thought I would share a little bit of life lately. We have been a little busy of the last few months...but we wouldn't have it any other way! 

In September, we had the pleasure of watching Andrew's best friend marry the girl of his dreams! It was a beautiful wedding! Congrats Kyle and Katrina! 

When we got back from the wedding, we decided to buy a king size bed! It was one of the best decisions of our lives. 

In November, I had the absolute pleasure of being in my best friend's wedding! It was a gorgeous wedding and we had a blast! She was so beautiful! Congrats Chelsie and Lawson! 

The day before Chelsie's wedding we had a fun day! We had a bridal brunch, the rehearsal, kickball against Lance Armstrong's family and friends, and a great rehearsal dinner!

Andrew and I had a double date with some dental school friends at a wine bar in San Antonio! One of my nursing school professors and her husband started this wine bar and it is incredible! High Street Wine Co.

Andrew had a Christmas party with his dental school group before Christmas break. It is pretty surreal to think that this was his last Christmas party of dental school! 

Andrew and I got to spend about a week in Dallas with his family. We had a great time! Andrew got to try out Virtual Reality and loved it. This is his grandmother trying it out as well! 

Andrew and I got this golden retriever blanket and shirt from Andrew's parents! 

We played some games with his family. Watch ya mouth and Dominion were a hit. 

We got to hang out with sweet Kennedy so much this week also! We love this cutie so much!

Our sweet girl has had some fun these past few months!

Baylor got some new pajamas for Christmas!

While we were in Dallas, Baylor stayed with my parents in Austin! She helped Papa out with the pool and gardening and had a great time with them!

Baylor and uncle Jeff. She's not so sure about him!

Baylor stayed up too late watching the Alabama vs. Clemson game and was knocked out the whole next day!

Andrew and I went on a date night to celebrate 4 years of marriage at the Cheesecake Factory. It was freezing outside, so I was able to wear my new Uggs that I got for Christmas! Best 4 years of my life!

This is life lately. These next few months will fly by and a lot will probably happen. We will be zeroing down on a place to live and will be planning our future. I will try my best to keep y'all updated on our life as life will probably get pretty busy for us! 

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

What We're Watching

Hello Friends!

Here is a list of the shows that I have been watching these days. Some of them I get to watch with my husband, and some of them are too "chickish" for him. Whatever that means? So here is a list of shows that we are watching together.

Parks and Recreation

We are watching this show for a second time because it is so good! We like to watch short funny shows during dinner and this is our go to! This show is just so stinking funny. If you are looking for a good show, this is it. I didn't like it at first, but once you watch it for a little while you will get hooked. 

Brooklyn 99

This is another show we like to watch during dinner or while we are cleaning the house. It is another funny one and every show is just so good. 

Here is a list of the shows that I am watching by myself.

This Is Us

Oh my goodness! This show is incredible! I have probably cried through almost every episode. It is such an uplifting show and I am a huge fan! I would recommend this show to everyone! It is such a feel good show. Give it a try!

Chicago Med

I love to watch medical shows in my free time and this one is definitely my favorite! The characters in this show are so lovable and the story is pretty interesting. If you liked Grey's Anatomy but hated that a certain character was taken off of the show, this is the show for you! 


This is the show about the woman that was found in time square naked with tattoos all over her body. This show is very addicting and suspenseful! 

What shows are y'all watching? I would love to know about more shows that y'all love! And if y'all start watching these let me know!

Update On Our Sweet Girl!

Baylor is almost a year old! I cannot believe how fast this year has gone by. In a little more than 5 months we will hopefully be in a new place and she will hopefully have a yard to run in, a house to play in, and a brand new place to call hers! We love her so much and we are so thankful that she is ours! Here is an update in pictures on our sweet little girl! 

Baylor loves the dog park!

She couldn't believe the other puppy didn't want to play with her! It broke her little puppy heart!
Baylor was tired after a day at the dog park with a bunch of dogs and a puppichinno.

She started going to Doggie Day Care every day that I work to get some of her energy out! 

She LOVES to swim at my parents house! 
Don't let this picture fool you, they didn't get along at all! 
She was an astronaut for Halloween this year!
Sweet girl with my sweet boy!
This was when Andrew got back from being in Laredo for a week! We missed him so much!

A Halloween collar that a friend of mine gave me from her sweet puppy!
Baylor met a new friend! His name is Brody! 

Baylor got some new pajamas for Christmas! So cute!

Baylor loves to cuddle with Andrew!
After a bunch of travel over Christmas break, we will celebrate her first birthday with a hamburger from McDonalds! One of my coworkers does this for her puppies every year and I cannot wait to start this tradition.