Friday, September 19, 2014

Grandma Florence

On August 15, 2014 I lost my grandma.  After a very long and difficult last month of her life, my grandma was finally with Jesus and pain free!  After I lost my grandma on my mom’s side without saying “goodbye,” I knew I would drop anything I was doing to say goodbye to this grandma!
I had the incredible opportunity to see her twice while she was in the ICU after they were going to make her comfortable in her last few hours or days.  Her last two weeks of life were such a rollercoaster.  She would be doing terrible one day and incredible the next day and then terrible the next day.
The first day I went to see her in the hospital, she was talking to me and telling me stories about life.  She would actually fall asleep and then wake up and tell me about just seeing her dad and then go back to sleep.  When she woke up the next time she talked about seeing her dad again.  That evening, she was very agitated and thought that the nursing staff was trying to hurt her.  It was so very painful to see her like that.  I wanted so much to stay with her and comfort her. 
The second day I went to see her in the hospital was amazing.  It could not have been a better goodbye.  Jeff, Alex, Andrew, and I were all there in the room with her for about and hour and a half.  She made us laugh so much that night.  She was so alert and so funny.  We kept asking her if she wanted us to leave so she could get some rest, but every time we asked, she said no, I love having you here!
She was the sweetest woman ever.  She loved her husband, children, and grandchildren so well. I always felt welcome and loved by her.  When we would visit her and my grandpa, she would constantly ask us if we wanted something to eat or drink.  When Jeff and I were younger, we would always ask our parents to go to our grandparents’ house for lunch because they had better lunch! And my absolute favorite food that I had over there was a hot fudge sundae in their special tall sundae cups.  Grandma would always remind Grandpa to get the special sundae cups for us.  It was so special.  She was such a giving person and she just lit up our world. 
It is so hard to not have her in our life anymore because she was so amazing, but she is finally pain free and we cannot be happier that she is celebrating with Jesus.  I am so blessed to have had her in my life and that she lived so close to us my whole life. Thank you for being such an incredible role model to us! I have learned so much from you and you have always taught me the ways to live my life! You are ABSOLUTELY incredible and I am so glad God chose you to be my grandma! We love you so much Grandma! We are taking care of Grandpa for you! Say hi to my other grandma for me!

Please pray for my grandpa right now as he is in a nursing home and is really sad about losing his wife!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

#100HappyDays Week 8

Day 50: At least I got a little bit done. Yikes! I have a quiz tomorrow that I am not ready for! Prayers would be GREAT! I did get a stress relieving run in today, which made studying all day a little more enjoyable! 
Day 51: Got to watch a movie in class today. We lost our flag football game tonight by two points...but I caught many passes including one to score a touchdown! Watched the Spurs dominate with some great friends! And tried a watermelon Oreo. The Oreo was quite gross.
Day 52: Last full day of class this week! Got everything done that's due tomorrow! Had a blast playing fish bowl with the small group! And got to see baby Will tonight! 
Day 53: Fun times at the eye doctor! He's so cute even when he is blind and has dilated pupils! Got a lot of work done today and got a good run in! 
Day 54: Had a good day in lab learning about the lymph nodes! Had a great lunch with Andrew at the hospital cafeteria! Had a good workout! Got to Skype with my parents tonight after not talking to them for a while again!! And Mr. Kitty was so cute today in her new bed/box! 
Day 55: This can only mean one thing...THE wedding of the summer is almost a week away! Can"t wait to celebrate Alex and Laura next weekend! Got to have a lunch date with Andrew at Chuys! Took a 2 hour nap! Went shopping with Andrew! And watched Jimmy Fallon to end the night! 
Day 56: Studying is always better when you have a buddy sleeping next to you! Andrew made dinner and cleaned the dishes while I studied. And I took a break from studying tonight so that we could hang out with friends and celebrate Steven's birthday! 

Thursday, May 22, 2014

#100HappyDays Week 7

Day 43: Spent Mother's Day with my mother-in-law and father-in-law! Got to call my mommy and wish her a Happy Mother's Day because I didn't get to see her today! Mr. Kitty was very well behaved on the 6 hour car ride back. She slept on my shoulder most of the drive! And when we got home, all she wanted to do was cuddle with Andrew! 
Day 44: Our power has now been out for over an hour and a half, so studying and everything for the night has stopped except for this game! I had my first day of real class and have a bunch of homework! We sone our flag football game tonight! And I found out that I got morning clinical instead of the afternoon! Pray that the power comes back on because it is HOT and I can't sleep when it's warm in here! 
Day 45: Had my last full day of class for the week. Got to have lunch with my hubby!! Got out of class early!! Had a great small group with wonderful people! And got sonic shakes on the way home from small group with Kelly and Travis! Great friends! 
Day 46: Had my first skills lab today and there were so many decorations that were welcoming us. Got out of class at noon and took a great nap. Good run today! I got a lot of studying done and then we went to buy Spurs shirts so that we could watch the game at Buffalo Wild Wings with Kelly and Travis! 
Day 47: This is what my evenings have looked like since starting nursing school! All I do is study, study, watch Spurs games, and Study! I love nursing school so far, but this amount of homework is kicking my butt! Got to Skype with my parents after not talking to them for a while! Got another sonic shake and actually finished all of my homework tonight before midnight! 
Day 48: I got my stethoscope in today!! Yay!! Had half a day of class today and was able to spend the whole afternoon with Andrew! I got ahead in one of my classes and we went to Chuys for date night! We watched God's Not Dead and loved it!! Watched some episodes of Psych and just relaxed! Great day! 
Day 49: Celebrated Amanda at her graduation party. Had a good workout this morning. Studied a little bit today. And saw some great friends tonight! 

#100HappyDays Week 6

Day 36: Drove back to San Antonio to go to a bridal shower for Rachel! Got to see the love of my life after being away from him since Wednesday! And went to flag football practice! This is our jersey! Had a great time in Austin, but it is good to be back home! 
Day 37: Got to sleep in! Got my scrubs for nursing school! Played in my first flag football game with a pulled muscle and got this nice shiner on my knee! And chick-fil-a dinner date! 3 more days till school starts!
Day 38: Mr. Kitty found a new favorite spot...on top of a tall cabinet. Had lunch with Katie and Hemi. Watched the Spurs game with Kelly, Sarah, and Jordan! And ended the night eating bacon with my hubby! 
Day 39: Got the rest of my books today. Got my ID card made. Had dinner with some dental school wives. And bought school supplies. School starts tomorrow!! Where did time go? 
Day 40: Today was my first day of school and Andrew's last day of school!! He finished strong and did incredible his first year! We got free birds for lunch and celebrated the guys being done with school by going to Chuys and having dessert at one of the guys house! Also had a good workout today! 
Day 41: Day 2 of Nursing School complete. Got my new laptop. Drove to Dallas to visit Andrew's parents! of course we stopped in Waco to see the beloved Baylor! But don't let this picture fool you...Mr. Kitty was pretty horrible in the car until we got to Waco! 
Day 42: Spent most of the day shopping. Watched Andrew and his mom dance in the living room. Read a little bit for class. Watched the spurs game. And played with the puppies today! 

Monday, May 5, 2014

#100HappyDays Week 5

Day 29: Watching Duck Dynasty after my first flag football practice! Took a nap today. And started the day off with a good time of worshiping The Lord!
Day 30: Slept in today. Laid out by the pool in 91 degree weather. Good workout with Rachel and then another good workout with Katie! This picture was taken between the workouts. Ending the night watching Memento with Mr. Kitty on my lap! 
Day 31: Spent another afternoon by the pool.  Mr. Kitty voluntarily sat on my lap this morning. Had a good workout. Went over some of Philippians at small group. And Mr. Kitty loves the new box I got today. 
Day 32: Great jog with Katie. New nails from Jamberry. Beautiful weather! Drove home to spend the weekend with my family! And of course…did P90X with my dad! We are Xtreme! 
Day 33: My parents have cable, so I got to watch HGTV this morning!! Had lunch with my mommy.  Got some hairs cut. More P90X. And trying out the new furniture in the media room! Missing my hubby though! 
Day 34: Met this guy today.  My aunt, uncle, cousin, cousin's fiancĂ©, and cousin's son came into town today! Found out Madison will be moving to San Antonio! And spent the morning with my mom! 
Day 35: Spent the day with baby Zane again. Got pedicures with the girls.  Spent time with my grandparents. And watched my grandparents ooh and ahh over their great grandson. 

Monday, April 28, 2014

#100HappyDays Week 4

Day 22: Happy Easter! Death Where is your sting? Grave where is your victory? HE'S ALIVE! HE'S ALIVE! Jesus conquered death so that we could have life in Him and that is the best news ever! 
Day 23: Got off of work early. Good workout. Hanging out outside with my husband.  Only 4 more days of work! 
Day 24: Andrew brought me home a new toothbrush (don't worry…we only have about 8 toothbrushes currently!)! Spent quality time with the girls in my small group! Last Tuesday of work and only 3 more days of work! 
Day 25: Mr. Kitty loves to play in the bathtub. Watching the Spurs game.  Jimmy Johns date with my hubby.  Good workout.  Only 2 days left of work! And an early night! 
Day 26: Playing with the new "kiosk" at Chili's. Margaritas after a pretty bad day.  And Mr. Kitty "played with" a moth that we let in.  
Day 27: Cleaned the house.  Played games and hung out with friends tonight! Good day! 
Day 28: Went to Sea World with our friends for Kelly's birthday! Fed and touched a dolphin. Fed sea lions.  Watched shows.  Rode roller coasters. And ate turkey legs! Happy Birthday Kelly! 

Monday, April 21, 2014

#100HappyDays Week 3

Day 15: Wonderful church service with Willie Robertson at Jeff and Alex's church. Driving one hour back to San Antonio with my mom before my parents split to go to Austin.  And seeing these two when I got home. 
Day 16: Happy that my husband ACED his test today! He is the most incredible and smartest man I know!
Day 17: Feeling very blessed by my family, friends, and coworkers.  Got beautiful flowers and cake from my husband, an awesome card from Rachel and the clinic was decorated for my birthday! Andrew gave me my birthday present earlier-he ran the warrior dash with me! 
Day 18: Happy to be going to sleep early.  Got a good workout in.  Only 7 more days of work. And Andrew got his loupes in! Dr. Andrew Chaney, D.D.S! 
Day 19: Watching Frozen while Andrew studies.  Eating wings.  Mr. Kitty playing in the Wing Stop bag. And 6 more days of work!
Day 20: Playing games and having cookies with Kelly and Travis.  Only 5 days left of work.  And a good workout
Day 21: Things just got real.  Got a rewards card from Babies R Us so that we can spoil our new niece! Hurry up sweet girl! 

Sunday, April 13, 2014

#100HappyDays Week 2

Day 8: Happy to have spent the weekend with my parents and Andrew! Got a Costco membership today and got some school supplies there! School supplies are one of my favorite things! Sad that my parents are gone so soon!
Day 9: Happy that I get to go to bed at 7:30. Taking every chance I can before school starts! Also happy that it was just Rachel and me in the clinic today! 
Day 10: Happy that this little lady slept with me all day.  Sick days are the worst, but when you have a cute kitten and an incredible husband…being sick isn't as bad! 
Day 11: I'm gonna have a niece! Bethany and Thane are having a baby girl! 
Day 12: one of my coworkers brought all of us coffee this morning. I put in my two weeks notice because school starts so soon! Date night! And it's almost Friday! 
Day 13: Happy that I made it to Houston to hang out with my parents, brother, and sister-in-law this weekend! Happy that it's Friday! 
Day 14: Happy that I got to spend the day with these crazy people.  We went to a brewery and hung out in the glorious sun! Great day so far, and the day is not even over yet!

I just spent an incredible weekend with my parents, Jeff and Alex so that I could get away from and not bother Andrew while he studied for his test that he has tomorrow.  Although I was still under the weather, we had a great time! We went to a brewery, ate at some pretty cool places (Jus Mac, Hobbit Cafe, and Tiffs Treats), and heard Willie Robertson speak this morning at Jeff and Alex's church! Great weekend to say the least! Thanks Jeff and Alex for having me and for letting me crash the party!