Tuesday, May 27, 2014

#100HappyDays Week 8

Day 50: At least I got a little bit done. Yikes! I have a quiz tomorrow that I am not ready for! Prayers would be GREAT! I did get a stress relieving run in today, which made studying all day a little more enjoyable! 
Day 51: Got to watch a movie in class today. We lost our flag football game tonight by two points...but I caught many passes including one to score a touchdown! Watched the Spurs dominate with some great friends! And tried a watermelon Oreo. The Oreo was quite gross.
Day 52: Last full day of class this week! Got everything done that's due tomorrow! Had a blast playing fish bowl with the small group! And got to see baby Will tonight! 
Day 53: Fun times at the eye doctor! He's so cute even when he is blind and has dilated pupils! Got a lot of work done today and got a good run in! 
Day 54: Had a good day in lab learning about the lymph nodes! Had a great lunch with Andrew at the hospital cafeteria! Had a good workout! Got to Skype with my parents tonight after not talking to them for a while again!! And Mr. Kitty was so cute today in her new bed/box! 
Day 55: This can only mean one thing...THE wedding of the summer is almost a week away! Can"t wait to celebrate Alex and Laura next weekend! Got to have a lunch date with Andrew at Chuys! Took a 2 hour nap! Went shopping with Andrew! And watched Jimmy Fallon to end the night! 
Day 56: Studying is always better when you have a buddy sleeping next to you! Andrew made dinner and cleaned the dishes while I studied. And I took a break from studying tonight so that we could hang out with friends and celebrate Steven's birthday! 

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