Thursday, May 22, 2014

#100HappyDays Week 7

Day 43: Spent Mother's Day with my mother-in-law and father-in-law! Got to call my mommy and wish her a Happy Mother's Day because I didn't get to see her today! Mr. Kitty was very well behaved on the 6 hour car ride back. She slept on my shoulder most of the drive! And when we got home, all she wanted to do was cuddle with Andrew! 
Day 44: Our power has now been out for over an hour and a half, so studying and everything for the night has stopped except for this game! I had my first day of real class and have a bunch of homework! We sone our flag football game tonight! And I found out that I got morning clinical instead of the afternoon! Pray that the power comes back on because it is HOT and I can't sleep when it's warm in here! 
Day 45: Had my last full day of class for the week. Got to have lunch with my hubby!! Got out of class early!! Had a great small group with wonderful people! And got sonic shakes on the way home from small group with Kelly and Travis! Great friends! 
Day 46: Had my first skills lab today and there were so many decorations that were welcoming us. Got out of class at noon and took a great nap. Good run today! I got a lot of studying done and then we went to buy Spurs shirts so that we could watch the game at Buffalo Wild Wings with Kelly and Travis! 
Day 47: This is what my evenings have looked like since starting nursing school! All I do is study, study, watch Spurs games, and Study! I love nursing school so far, but this amount of homework is kicking my butt! Got to Skype with my parents after not talking to them for a while! Got another sonic shake and actually finished all of my homework tonight before midnight! 
Day 48: I got my stethoscope in today!! Yay!! Had half a day of class today and was able to spend the whole afternoon with Andrew! I got ahead in one of my classes and we went to Chuys for date night! We watched God's Not Dead and loved it!! Watched some episodes of Psych and just relaxed! Great day! 
Day 49: Celebrated Amanda at her graduation party. Had a good workout this morning. Studied a little bit today. And saw some great friends tonight! 

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