Thursday, May 22, 2014

#100HappyDays Week 6

Day 36: Drove back to San Antonio to go to a bridal shower for Rachel! Got to see the love of my life after being away from him since Wednesday! And went to flag football practice! This is our jersey! Had a great time in Austin, but it is good to be back home! 
Day 37: Got to sleep in! Got my scrubs for nursing school! Played in my first flag football game with a pulled muscle and got this nice shiner on my knee! And chick-fil-a dinner date! 3 more days till school starts!
Day 38: Mr. Kitty found a new favorite spot...on top of a tall cabinet. Had lunch with Katie and Hemi. Watched the Spurs game with Kelly, Sarah, and Jordan! And ended the night eating bacon with my hubby! 
Day 39: Got the rest of my books today. Got my ID card made. Had dinner with some dental school wives. And bought school supplies. School starts tomorrow!! Where did time go? 
Day 40: Today was my first day of school and Andrew's last day of school!! He finished strong and did incredible his first year! We got free birds for lunch and celebrated the guys being done with school by going to Chuys and having dessert at one of the guys house! Also had a good workout today! 
Day 41: Day 2 of Nursing School complete. Got my new laptop. Drove to Dallas to visit Andrew's parents! of course we stopped in Waco to see the beloved Baylor! But don't let this picture fool you...Mr. Kitty was pretty horrible in the car until we got to Waco! 
Day 42: Spent most of the day shopping. Watched Andrew and his mom dance in the living room. Read a little bit for class. Watched the spurs game. And played with the puppies today! 

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