Monday, May 5, 2014

#100HappyDays Week 5

Day 29: Watching Duck Dynasty after my first flag football practice! Took a nap today. And started the day off with a good time of worshiping The Lord!
Day 30: Slept in today. Laid out by the pool in 91 degree weather. Good workout with Rachel and then another good workout with Katie! This picture was taken between the workouts. Ending the night watching Memento with Mr. Kitty on my lap! 
Day 31: Spent another afternoon by the pool.  Mr. Kitty voluntarily sat on my lap this morning. Had a good workout. Went over some of Philippians at small group. And Mr. Kitty loves the new box I got today. 
Day 32: Great jog with Katie. New nails from Jamberry. Beautiful weather! Drove home to spend the weekend with my family! And of course…did P90X with my dad! We are Xtreme! 
Day 33: My parents have cable, so I got to watch HGTV this morning!! Had lunch with my mommy.  Got some hairs cut. More P90X. And trying out the new furniture in the media room! Missing my hubby though! 
Day 34: Met this guy today.  My aunt, uncle, cousin, cousin's fiancĂ©, and cousin's son came into town today! Found out Madison will be moving to San Antonio! And spent the morning with my mom! 
Day 35: Spent the day with baby Zane again. Got pedicures with the girls.  Spent time with my grandparents. And watched my grandparents ooh and ahh over their great grandson. 

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