Monday, April 21, 2014

#100HappyDays Week 3

Day 15: Wonderful church service with Willie Robertson at Jeff and Alex's church. Driving one hour back to San Antonio with my mom before my parents split to go to Austin.  And seeing these two when I got home. 
Day 16: Happy that my husband ACED his test today! He is the most incredible and smartest man I know!
Day 17: Feeling very blessed by my family, friends, and coworkers.  Got beautiful flowers and cake from my husband, an awesome card from Rachel and the clinic was decorated for my birthday! Andrew gave me my birthday present earlier-he ran the warrior dash with me! 
Day 18: Happy to be going to sleep early.  Got a good workout in.  Only 7 more days of work. And Andrew got his loupes in! Dr. Andrew Chaney, D.D.S! 
Day 19: Watching Frozen while Andrew studies.  Eating wings.  Mr. Kitty playing in the Wing Stop bag. And 6 more days of work!
Day 20: Playing games and having cookies with Kelly and Travis.  Only 5 days left of work.  And a good workout
Day 21: Things just got real.  Got a rewards card from Babies R Us so that we can spoil our new niece! Hurry up sweet girl! 

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