Wednesday, December 7, 2016

What We're Watching

Hello Friends!

Here is a list of the shows that I have been watching these days. Some of them I get to watch with my husband, and some of them are too "chickish" for him. Whatever that means? So here is a list of shows that we are watching together.

Parks and Recreation

We are watching this show for a second time because it is so good! We like to watch short funny shows during dinner and this is our go to! This show is just so stinking funny. If you are looking for a good show, this is it. I didn't like it at first, but once you watch it for a little while you will get hooked. 

Brooklyn 99

This is another show we like to watch during dinner or while we are cleaning the house. It is another funny one and every show is just so good. 

Here is a list of the shows that I am watching by myself.

This Is Us

Oh my goodness! This show is incredible! I have probably cried through almost every episode. It is such an uplifting show and I am a huge fan! I would recommend this show to everyone! It is such a feel good show. Give it a try!

Chicago Med

I love to watch medical shows in my free time and this one is definitely my favorite! The characters in this show are so lovable and the story is pretty interesting. If you liked Grey's Anatomy but hated that a certain character was taken off of the show, this is the show for you! 


This is the show about the woman that was found in time square naked with tattoos all over her body. This show is very addicting and suspenseful! 

What shows are y'all watching? I would love to know about more shows that y'all love! And if y'all start watching these let me know!

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