Thursday, June 22, 2017

Our Dream Home: Designing and Breaking Ground

Our dream home is under way! We have been waiting to see something change on the lot since day one and there is finally some change! We can't wait to continue to watch it go up and see our lot become a home! 
This is the first picture we have of our lot! No sold sign yet.
 There is a sold sign! This made it feel way more official!
The lot has been cleared and prepped for a house! 
We went to the design studio and got to pick out every detail of our home. This is a picture of what the outside of the house is going to look like. 
These are the the rest of the choices that we chose. We will have that wood floor (on the left) on the left in the front entry way, living room, master bedroom and the office/workout room. The granite to the right of the wood is going to be the granite in the kitchen and bathrooms. The tile to the right of the granite is going in the kitchen and master bathroom and the tile to the right of that will go in the laundry room and other bathrooms. The little piece of subway tile on the tile in the middle will be our backsplash in the kitchen. The carpet under the sign will be in the two other bedrooms and upstairs and the stone will be on our fireplace. Lastly, the paper on the right is the paint. The white on top will be the cabinet color in the kitchen and bathrooms, the grey in the middle will be the walls throughout the house, and the grey on the bottom will be the island color in the kitchen.  We are so excited!
 There is a shape to our house now! We took Baylor out to our lot and found this wood up! 
 So excited!
 Baylor loved running around on the lot!

 There was an awesome sunset over our house! Can't wait to watch many more sunsets with my family in this beautiful home!
Baylor is going to love having a backyard! 

As we drove away from our lot, I told Andrew that we will get to bring our kids home in this house and that I can't wait for all of the memories that we will make in this home! I'm so thankful for this adventure that the Lord is taking us on! I can't wait to see what the future holds!

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