Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Our New Puppy, Baylor

Meet our new puppy, Baylor! We got her in March and we are so in love with her. She has tested our patience so much in her short life, but she has been preparing us for when we actually have children.

Driving home from picking up our sweet girl! 8 weeks old

Hanging out at my parent's house. Although they would rather have human grandchildren, my parents are pretty in love with Baylor.

Baylor meets Mr. Kitty...Mr. Kitty didn't like her then...and she still doesn't like her now.
At her first Vet appointment.

After her first bath! She is so fuzzy!
Knocked out at a friends house.
After another bath...didn't enjoy this one very much.

Very proud of her stick!
She found a mud puddle with one of her friends...bummer!
Baylor's first hair cut.

Baylor at 6 months old.

Baylor is our last animal before we have kids (I know everyone is saying, "good!"). I can't believe that is the next stage in our lives but I am so ready for it...now to get Andrew there too!

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