Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Visiting Family in North Carolina

Andrew and I flew to see my brother and sister-in-law in North Carolina in May. We had an amazing time and can't wait for an opportunity to see them again in North Carolina. 
 Waiting for our flight in Atlanta. 
 We walked down the stairs to see our nephew, Rudy, waiting for us. He is too cute!
 Andrew's in love with Rudy!
 The guys playing some pool while we waited for Alex to get off of work.
 We went to the UNC campus to go to Friday's on the Front Porch with Jeff and Alex. We did some walking around the campus while they hung out with some friends. 

 We had to take pictures by the Old Well on the UNC campus! Such tourists.
 Alex had a day off and we were able to go kayaking with them and Rudy. Somehow I ended up being soaked. 
 A view from a hike that we went on.
 The Duke Chapel! 


 Cool bathrooms at Duke!
 We saw Lawson on TV while he raced in the Tour de California. Super exciting!
 Dinner with Jeff and Alex!

 We loved hanging out with them for a few days!

 Now onto the UNC campus!

 We are fans of UNC! 
 One last hang out before our flight back home! 
 The only good thing about super late flights...the sunset!

Hope to make the trip back out there soon! If Andrew was able to practice in North Carolina with the license that he is getting, we would seriously consider moving out there. The weather is beautiful, the traffic was great, and there are trees everywhere! 

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