Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Ski Trip to Pagosa Springs, Colorado

Right after Christmas, Andrew and I went on a road trip to Pagosa Springs, Colorado. We met Andrew's friends from high school in Amarillo and then drove the rest of the way with them. When we left Austin, TX it was in the 80's and by the time we made it to Amarillo it was 28 degrees with a blizzard warning. It was FREEZING! 
A couple of hours after we left Amarillo with our friends we hit a blizzard. Living in Texas for most of my life, I had never seen a blizzard that I remember. It was pretty scary to drive through, so we decided to pull off. We learned from the people at the gas station that the roads were beginning to close, so we decided to get a hotel in Santa Rosa, New Mexico. 

This truck was completely side ways and taking up both lanes in the road.
This is outside of our hotel that night...
And this is what we woke up to the next morning.
The guys were loading the car, so we decided to take a selfie.
We finally made it to Santa Fe, New Mexico and decided that we would try a place from Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives for both lunch and dinner and they did not disappoint. We had Tecolote for lunch and it was delicious...but still freezing outside I might add!

We did some shopping in Santa Fe to get everything we would need for skiing.
Andrew and I found a fireplace at our next hotel to sit in front of and drink hot chocolate. It was relaxing and fun to have some alone time. 

This fireplace was heavenly. Give me a coffee or a hot chocolate and I could sit here for days!
For dinner we went to another Triple D restaurant, Backroad Pizza. This place was delicious too!
Then we went to Baskin Robbins for Leah's Birthday. 
After that we went to a huge casino and Andrew won us $63. I'm not a huge fan of casinos, but after Andrew won us some big money, I might have changed my mind. We had a busy night in Santa Fe. 

This was the view from our hotel in Santa Fe, NM!
Look at all of this snow! This Texas girl was LOVING it!
The morning after Kyle and Katrina got engaged!
 The sunrises in Pagosa Springs are out of this world!
 Andrew leading the crew down the mountain
 Our ski boots after a hard day of skiing!

 We showed our friends how to make sushi one night. I think it was a hit!
I'm telling you, the sunrises here are the best! 

 On the ski lift about to conquer another mountain.
 At the top of the mountain with an incredible view.

 Just missing Leah.

 The guys had a blast!

 On one of the last days we went into Pagosa Springs to check out the hot springs. Pretty incredible!

Saying goodbye to this scenery for a little while.

It was a great trip to the beautiful Colorado and we are so thankful that we got to share it with friends. This Texas girl loved the snow and can't wait to see it again soon! 

Don't worry Colorado, you haven't seen the last of us!

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