Sunday, August 4, 2013

Our Apartment in San Antonio

I wanted to give y'all some pictures of what our apartment looks like so that you can picture us actually at the apartment and hopefully make you want to come visit us! We LOVE company!

This is a picture of our living room where we watch our beloved TV shows and play many games of Call of Duty a night.  I didn't get a picture of Andrew's new TV, but he loves's his baby!

This is a picture of our dining room/bar area.  We don't usually eat dinner at the table, but hey, when we have company it sure does come in handy!

This is our kitchen! If you saw our place in Waco, you would know that a bigger kitchen was a big selling point for this apartment.  We had a kitchen the size of a closet in Waco, so we are thrilled to have so much more room in our kitchen.  We also love our "granite" countertops!

This is our guest room...where y'all will be staying! Another great thing about this apartment is that since it is in the medical center and students usually have roommates, both of the rooms we have are huge! Please come and make yourselves comfortable!

In the guest room, we also have Andrew's desk to study at! I told him that this could be his Baylor room since he has so much paraphernalia! This is a picture of Andrew hard at work studying for his Ethics final that he has on Wednesday!

This is our room! Don't mind the sheet that we have hanging from the window, we are still searching for curtains to put up! My grandma gave us a gift card to Hobby Lobby and I got the sign for above our bed! This is absolutely something she would have given us!

This is our plain jane bathroom.  I knew the other one would be used more by our guests, so that is the one I decided to decorate better.

This is our HUGE closet! Don't mind the huge shelving unit with all of our t-shirts! We also have another closet the same size in the guest room!

This is one of our favorite things in our house! Since this is our first time to buy nice cookware, we decided to get a hanging pot rack so the pots and pans wouldn't get scratched! We absolutely love that it is in the laundry room and out of the way! It saves so much space!

And last but definitely not least...the guest bathroom! I was finally able to decorate a room with yellow and gray and I absolutely love it! It may or may not be my favorite room in the apartment!

I hope y'all enjoyed the little tour of our house! You will have to just come see it in person to get the whole tour! Hope to see you all soon!!

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