Sunday, August 18, 2013

Our Weekend Visitors

This weekend, my brother and his wife came to visit! We had a great time and we got to show them a little bit of San Antonio!

Jeff and Alex came in late Friday night and left a little after lunch today! It was not long enough, but we loved having them here! On Friday night we stayed in and had a few drinks and talked the rest of the night!  We realized early on Friday night that we are all getting so OLD! We were all POOPED at 11:00 that night!

The next day Alex and I were going to get pedicures at a nail salon, but every nail place that we checked was booked! Sad day! So instead, Jeff, Alex, and I worked out at our apartment's gym while Andrew went to a tutoring session.  After that we got them addicted to Breaking Bad.  (Side Note: y'all need to watch it, it is SO good!!) We only watched one episode before Andrew got home.  We went to have lunch at Dick's Last Resort! We had a great time and the waiter was crazy! If you have never heard of this place, I want to warn you that the waiters are supposed to be mean to the customers.  I would encourage anyone with a little bit of a sense of humor to try it out! It was so fun!


The restaurant was right on the river walk so we sat outside and enjoyed the view! 

We asked for a group picture and this was the first picture we got from the waiter.  Like I said, if you are looking for good service, I wouldn't come here! 

This is the real group picture! See, we are right on the river walk! Did I tell you that it was HOT!?! Why is Texas so hot??

Alex and I tried to split this drink, but Andrew had to help us with it! The good thing about this place is that we got to take all of the glasses home with us! 

This is the cute couple that came to visit us!! We love them! 

One thing that Dick's Last Resort is known for is the hats that the waiters make for you! Again, sorry for the crudeness! 

And then this is how the check was brought to us! The whole experience was a blast! I'm so glad we got the chance to take Jeff and Alex there! 

After Dick's Last Resort, we walked around the river walk for quite a while and then came home and watched the rest of the first season of Breaking Bad! I tell you, we got them addicted! Something that I realized during this weekend is that we are pretty boring and that it is crazy that we had a blast just watching a TV show.  I thought a little bit about our future and thought about when both of us start having children, these trips will be a lot more busy and stressful! We enjoyed the quietness this time around! 

This morning we tried out a new church with Jeff and Alex.  We have been trying to find a church in San Antonio for a while now and we just can't seem to find what we are looking for! This morning we went to Bandera Road City Church and it was pretty good! If y'all know of any churches in San Antonio, we would love to hear about them! After church we went to Chuy's! (My favorite restaurant!!) I was one happy girl!

Jeff and Alex before the left! Aren't they the cutest?

After lunch, Jeff and Alex got packed up and hit the road! We are so sad to see them leave, but can't wait to see them again! Thanks so much for coming to visit us Jeff and Alex!

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