Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Our Story (Part II)

If you haven't read the first part of our story, I would encourage you to go read it here

I'm going to take a few steps back to our first trip to Joplin. Whenever we would watch TV on our first trip to Joplin, we would sit on complete opposite ends of the couch. The next trip to Joplin, we were sitting hip to hip on the couch watching TV.  We would stay up late watching movies or talking, I literally never wanted to go to bed! It was also the first trip to Joplin that Andrew's sister, Bethany, asked me if we were dating, and I told her that we were just friends! She knew what was to come!

One day on this trip we went to Springfield to visit Krystal.  It is about an hour long drive from Joplin to Springfield and we had a blast talking the whole way there.  On the way back, Andrew talked about a pretty boring topic the whole hour (I found out later that he was just rambling because he was nervous to tell me something).  That night we decided that we should go to sleep early because of the other nights of staying up late.  Well, we stayed up later that night than we had any other night in Joplin.  Andrew just kept the conversations coming and we just had a blast talking with each other.  Towards the end of the conversations, I could tell that Andrew was getting pretty nervous. We even googled different types of cars because Andrew was too nervous to tell me what he had to tell me. But all of a sudden, Andrew put his hand on my arm and told me that HE LIKED ME! 

I almost died! And I told him that I liked him too...and then he reminded me that I was on a dating fast! BUMMER! A dating fast, for those of you who don't know, is just a time that I took to focus completely on God instead of focusing on dating or even really guys for that matter! It was a time that I was really able to focus on God and grow in my relationship with Him! Anyways, we talked a bunch that night about how to handle all of this and of course I was just sitting there all giddy because a boy really liked me!! 

Y'all, how cute is this?!? We brushed our teeth right next to each other that night!! That was the cutest thing ever to me! 

After we talked about how we would just be friends until my dating fast was over, my brother and sister-in-law got married! It was such an exciting time for my family! This was Andrew and me at my brother's wedding...don't we look like "just friends"??

Anyways...that's basically how the mutual "liking" happened.  I'll be back to give you the details of our dating relationship and engagement! It is so fun to be married to this man! He is just incredible, smart and cute! I love him with everything that I am! 

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