Monday, October 5, 2015

2 Year Anniversary Trip

We spent our second wedding anniversary on a Carnival Cruise. It was such a great vacation! We loved getting away from the cold weather in Texas for a week and go to the Caribbean! We went to Jamaica, Grand Caymans, and Cozumel. One thing that we didn't love was leaving from New Orleans. We spent the night before our cruise in New Orleans expecting to have a great time, but instead we just grabbed a quick bite to eat and went back to our hotel for the night. We would recommend this cruise to everyone though! It was wonderful and magical at Christmas time! If anyone has any questions about cruising with Carnival, we would love to help! Here is our vacation in a ton of pictures!
We would suggest getting to the ship as early as you can. We got there at 9:45 even though our ship said it didn't board until later because we wanted to avoid the line! And we did! We got on the ship at about 11. 
Our sign and sail cards.

Get us out of this cold weather!
We found our way to the adult only part of the ship pretty quickly!

We got upgraded to a window room!
Our first of the unlimited ice cream!

Some how I ended up on stage before a show...

Talking with the Cruise Director on stage.
We played a weird game where we had to put this string through all of our clothes. 
The Cruise Director thought I was going to flash everyone...I would like to think I am more classy than that though.

But we got free champagne out of worth it!
Stingray on our bed the first night!
Breakfast of campions.

First day at sea.

Adult only section is where it is at! 
First dressy night!
Performance by the wait staff.  
So many Christmas trees. I was in heaven! 

Watching the waves from our window. 
Ice sculpting. 
Another day at sea

We lost at the casino. 

My "We Are In Jamaica" selfie! 

Beautiful water!
We hung out at a hotel the whole day because we wanted to just relax this whole vacation!

Free drinks...
Great view of our ship from this hotel. 

Sunset over Jamaica. 

Christmas Eve caroling in the lobby. 

Our incredible waiter! 

Christmas Day in Grand Caymans. 

This could have been the last picture we took before dying from a stingray barb...

A stingray! 
We survived swimming with the stingrays! 

Heading back to our ship on the tender boat. 

Christmas show! 
The captain. 

We watched the Grinch on the Lido Deck!

We hung out at another hotel in Cozumel. 

Great Lunch at this hotel. 

Christmas tree made out of beer bottles. 

Walking to our ship for the last time before going home.  

The sunsets did not disappoint.

Don't worry, Dad, we still watched Christmas Vacation!
With our wonderful waiters! We loved them!

We loved this vacation so much! Such a great way to see so many different countries. Carnival Cruises did not disappoint! 

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