Monday, October 5, 2015

Y'all...I have the best Dentist!

I know you all know that I go to the best dentist, but he really is the real deal! It is so fun to see him in his element. He absolutely loves dentistry and is so professional at school. He would love to work with anyone! Just call the number on his business card! He also loves to help answer people's questions about Dental School and just about give him a call! Here are a few pictures of the new dental clinic. Enjoy!
This is where Andrew eats lunch when he has time. 
Andrew's locker 
The view is unbelievable.  
This is why I have to take so many pictures to get a good one.
But then you get pictures like this of the most handsome man in the world.

Front desk area
Waiting area.

Call him for an appointment!
Birthday Present from his sister, brother-in-law, and niece!  
His other locker.
This is his actual chair that he works at every day! 
The only good thing about being at the school later in the evening is the view of the sunset! 
Working in the lab after patients have gone home. He is such a hard working guy! 
I snuck this picture of my hot dentist! 
He even took a picture with me! He tried to tell me I had a cavity...but this girl brushes and flosses too well! 
He was taking an impression of my teeth...but I'm starting to think he took an impression of my face instead. 
He is just so great! I can't believe that I get to call him mine!

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