Monday, October 5, 2015

Grandpa Florence

On May 24, 2015 I lost my grandpa. When my grandma got really sick, she fell and my grandpa tried to catch her. When she fell one time, my grandpa broke his back. This caused the next few months after my grandma died to be horrible for my grandpa. It was such a long and depressing time for him to be away from his wife and to be in terrible pain.
After losing my grandma on my mom's side and my grandma on my dad's side, I was able to really take everything in during my grandpa's last few days. I even think that being in Nursing School really helped me understand everything that was going on and allowed me to help my parents in decision making. Even though this was a very difficult time for me, I really saw Jesus move through it.
The first time I saw my grandpa a couple days before he died, he was very confused and it was very hard to watch. When we were there the next day, the doctor came in to tell us the options that we had. Jesus allowed my grandpa to be very present in this conversation and was actually able to make his own decision on how he wanted to continue his treatment. He decided that he was ready to be back with his wife and with Jesus.
Even though I know he was ready to be in Heaven, it was still very difficult to see him go through the dying process. Praise the Lord that he was very comfortable the whole time and we were able to say goodbye to him when he was still very present. We told him how much he meant to us and what a great grandfather, father and spouse he was. The Lord is so gracious to us.
Grandpa was such a genuine man. He was Mr. Fix It and was such an incredible guy. He loved everyone so well and you always felt welcomed into his house. He showed me how to love your spouse no matter what. He loved my grandma so much and he had such a giving heart. I am so thankful that he is out of pain, cancer-free and walking with Jesus.
Thank you Jesus for giving me so much great time with my wonderful grandpa! I'll love you forever!

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