Monday, October 5, 2015

Trip to West Palm Beach

Andrew's Aunt and Uncle invited us to stay with them in West Palm Beach over Labor Day weekend. We had a blast and loved the beach! They even took us to a Lady Antebellum, Sam Hunt, and Hunter Hayes concert. This was the first country concert that Andrew has ever been to! It was awesome! We wish we could have stayed longer, but it was such a refreshing time to go and relax on the beach and by the pool. We also tried Cuban food for the first time on this trip...we found out that we are big fans of Cuban food! Here are some of the pictures from our wonderful trip!

We ran through the San Antonio airport to catch our flight, but we made it! And Baylor was playing so we both had our Baylor gear on! 
When we got there, Andrew's aunt (Chris) had an adorable make-up bag for me! Y'all...they spoiled us!  
This was our amazing room. Two beds just in case we got in a fight. :) 
The view from our room.
Lounging by the pool!
All of us by the pool. Chris, Avery, Andrew, and Kristen

Avery is a chef! He cooked us every meal and it was incredible! We will be the first people at your new restaurant. 
Chilling on the beach!

Steak Dinner compliments of Avery.
I love this guy! 

Our fantastic hotel!

Sam Hunt!
Hunter Hayes
Lady Antebellum!
This is before we watched weed be passed between a group of people! Stay classy Florida! 
Huge storm came in the day we were leaving. 
On the balcony!
Other side from our balcony.
I like taking late flights because you get the best views of the sunset! 
Such a wonderful trip! We had such a great time with Chris and Avery! Hope we can do it again some time! Thanks for letting us crash your vacation! 

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